Club Competition Finals

I joined @wvdekannibaal for a day. Capturing the life of a cyclist from dusk till dawn. From eating pancakes at breakfast to eating spaghetti for dinner. Two races where on the Program, a team time trail followed by a regular stage. Crossing trough the typical scenery of North-Holland.

After the team time trail, the waiting game begins. 4 hours of recovery before the next stage. No fancy team busses or hotels to sit. Just camping chairs on the sidewalk of a normally quiet street. Pinning bib numbers and food, lots of food.

The second stage of the day - 96km, tight corners and no wind. An average speed close to 50km/h is inevitable. Everything needs to go according to plan to win. But sometimes luck isn’t on your side. Your shifting mechanism breaks and you receive a broken neutral spare bike. That’s just one of the six stories of the @wvdekannibaal riders I followed.